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Journalism is a noble, responsible, respectable profession with ideals and brings unsparing substantial circumstances to the masses, government and political parties for the welfare of the nation. It bridges the gap between the people and the government. It is sometimes said as the mirror of a society. Unfortunately, in India, the media got into dodgy situation as it has lost its pace ignoring the values. For , every political party has set up a channel for their own advocacy and communicating in discriminate descriptions thereby creating chaos and mushrooming the fallacies in public perceiving the genuine and descrying the awful hinders of the nation’s progress.

In India the people of profound intelligence remained nonpartisans due to the tainted system and administration that prevails. This can be seen during elections for not attaining cent percent of using right to vote.  But now a days people prefer  “ NOTA” (None Of The Above ) to express their displeasure and expecting some change. I am the one among them.

 Meanwhile, I, as a person interested in journalism would rather prefer the truth based and I strongly believe that the journalism is only a tool to effect the necessary change in society but not just a game of splashing mud and money making. It was a source of information for the people belonging to the nation. It should be so today as well as tomorrow. So with this notion I started “ News18 TV ” web channel to enlighten you the contemporary authentic, reliable situations. Having taken advice right from common man to intelligentsia we started this “ News18 TV ” web channel with great adoration.

                        The conception of revealing the truth valiantly without any disparity of race, caste, creed, or religion etc, is our foremost objective. And being backed up by common man, intellectuals, nonpartisans and NRIs, I shall be obliged to all the heavers.

                        I don’t insist you to accept my channel or to be the facilitators of channel progress. I only invoke you to share the unfeigned and tangible affairs through my channel.

                                                                             Thanking you,

               Yours faithfully,

Rajkumar Gabbeta


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